Amazon is set to recruit 100,000 more workers.

It’s the fourth hiring spree the online giant has announced for the U.S. this year.

The retailer is racing to keep pace with demand that jumped during lockdowns.

Now the new positions are for full and part-time work in its home country and Canada.

They will include roles at 100 new warehouse and operations sites it is opening this month.

Amazon employed 876,800 people as of late June, excluding contractors and temporary personnel.

Last quarter it saw a 40% rise in revenues, and the biggest profit in its history.

That has stoked demand for labor to pick, pack and ship products.

Though the company is also investing heavily in automation, it wouldn’t say whether that means fewer jobs per warehouse in the future.

Earlier this year Amazon had already announced over 200,000 new positions.

It’s seeking to hire people who were let go during the recent economic turmoil.

As well as the latest hiring announcement, it says it’s still evaluating seasonal hiring needs for the year-end holiday season.

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