Authorities in California are investigating a Chevron refinery spill that dumped about 600 gallons of petroleum and water into the San Francisco Bay.

The sight of it alarmed local residents, such as Richard Katz:

"I've been here 30 years in that house right there and no, I've never seen a spill like that before."

Environmental groups are worried about the potential harm to wildlife.

David Lewis is with the group Save the Bay.

“Right next to the Chevron's long wharf is one of the major haul-out areas for harbor seals. This time of year - there's a lot of migratory birds that are on the surface of the bay – and of course all year round there’s a fish and sharks and wildlife in the water that could be poisoned by this kind of oil.”

In an e-mail to Reuters, Chevron said it first noticed a sheen on the water around 3pm on Tuesday near the wharf at its Richmond refinery.

It said clean-up was underway.

The regional air pollution regulator on Twitter later said the spill had been contained.

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그 광경은 리차드 캐츠를 포함한 지역 주민들을 놀라게 했습니다.

"저는 바로 저기 있는 집에서 30년 동안 살았지만, 그런 유출은 본 적이 없습니다."

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